Many homeowners view their garage as an area where all the unwanted junk collects. In addition, the garage can often become a neglected space that becomes quite dirty and cluttered. Consider the following four tips to help you organize your garage like a pro and make it a space you are proud of.

Get Equipped With Necessary Items to Organize Your Garage

Don’t step into battle without first gathering the important items to organize your garage.

  • Large Trash Bags: You will need large trash bags to gather up all unnecessary items that you plan to throw away or contribute to a donation center.
  • Brooms: Make sure you use a sturdy broom when you start sweeping debris and dirt from your garage.
  • Friends: Asking for help is important to get this job done. Your friends can help you move all your items onto the driveway or yard. This will you help make decisions about where everything will be placed.
  • Small Containers and Boxes: Boxes can be used for labeling the items that you will need at a later time. Small containers can also keep small parts from getting lost, like screws and nails.

Map Out a Plan

Decide on the locations where you will place all of your kept items. For instance, you may decide to have your wall as the place for storing tools, such as leaf blowers, brooms, saws, or any other items that you use for maintenance. If possible, gather small items and place them neatly in boxes or containers. These can be placed on shelves in your garage that you can access at a later time. Most importantly, be sure to always put anything you use back in the same place. Having an idea where everything is located will help organize your garage.

Make Time to Organize

It is not realistic to organize everything in your garage in one hour. Setting aside time to organize your garage is important to ensure everything will be done. A weekend can be the perfect opportunity because more of your family and friends might be available to give you a hand. While getting the garage in order might not be your first choice for a weekend activity, accomplishing the task with family and friends is always more fun.

Stick to a Schedule

You have spent a lot of time to organize your garage. Now what? It might not be too difficult to organize everything in your garage, but keeping it that way is the challenge. When spring cleaning time comes, don’t leave your garage left out. To prevent a future garage full of clutter, always be meticulous and put everything back after you use it.

Keeping a tidy, orderly garage takes effort and patience. The next time you get ready to tackle your garage mess, remembering these tips will make your life much easier.

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