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Certified Professional Home Inspector (CPI)®

K.C. Johnson is the owner and home inspector of HomePro Property Inspections. K.C. has performed over 5,500 residential and commercial property inspections since first founding his business in 1992. As a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)®, K.C. has the intellect, training, and experience required to provide a truly first-rate inspection service for clients throughout Central Oregon.

An Expert Who Knows What to Look For

Before he began his career as a home inspector, K.C. owned a company involved in both residential and commercial construction—as well as a multitude of home improvement projects. He was also licensed as a realtor, facilitating real estate transactions for homebuyers and sellers from every walk of life. This journey through the many facets of the housing industry allowed K.C. to develop a highly perceptive knowledge of homes, commercial properties, and the complexities of the buying and selling process. For over 24 years now, K.C. has been providing home and commercial inspection services that his clients can depend on.

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Helping You Bring Your Dreams to Reality

A quality property inspection is a vital part of any real estate transaction and can be a tremendous asset to a successful investment. In order to help you persevere over the challenges that you’re likely to face along the way, we encourage you to attend your inspection if at all possible. This benefits you by imparting a clearer understanding of the inspection process and of anything amiss with the structural components or various systems of the property.

At HomePro Property Inspections, our goal is to help anyone who is buying or selling a home or business. Our meticulous property inspections will uncover any issues with a building’s structure or systems so that you can be fully educated on a property’s condition before moving forward.

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